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Couteau de Fendage 15 Buches

Couteau de Fendage 15 Bûches

Since twenty years PPP has acquired a know how into forestry management and logs exporting overseas to Portugal, Italia, or nothern africa by rail wagons or other means.

PPP INTERNATIONAL can export following wooden products :

  • precious wood: such as oak, Beech wood , chestnut or wild cherry wood,

  • carpentry master pieces, carpentry beams,

  • corsica pine wood ( logs pieces up to 30 meters long) ,

  • douglas pine wood ( logs pieces up to 30 meters long),

  • pine wood, for pine wooden boards, pine wood for mining industry,

  • railways “cross beams” produced in french Oak,

  • sawmill equipments,

  • wooden based transformed products,

  • wood based insulation materials,

  • wooden boards,

Forestry Management

Preservation & development of Forest is a priority for the survival or world planet.

PPP team is convinced of the importance of a proper management and maintenance

of world’s forests for the sake of future generations:

PPP Preservation Planning Programs.

France is most advanced into Forestry management : since centuries during our

kings centuries, France has developed a genuine expertise in forestry management.

PPP INTERNATIONAL can provide “ forest training programms” , runned by highly qualified forest engineers…

French industry also produces proper equipements for forest maintenance:

  • forest log tractors and bulldozers / debusqueurs,

  • forest 6x4 trucks and reinforced log special trailers,

  • forestry fire-fighting trucks & water tanks,

  • forestry fire-fighting shoulder portable water pumps,

  • 4x4 special maintenance forest vehicles & transporters.

  • forestry small equipements and uniforms,

  • motor chain saw, plantation tools: axles, tree cutter, secator, saws etc…

  • drilling augers for tree plantations,

  • marking hammers with “plastic labelised numbering plates”,

  • markings, special paints for wood selections,

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